1848 is 1948 | Poetic Echoes of Endurance from Palestine to Latin America

Thursday, December 9th
International Affairs Building, Rm 413, Columbia University
420 West 118th Street






How can spoken word and the art of poetry be utilized to raise awareness about global human rights abuses and the struggles of oppressed groups of people? Spoken word was born from hip-hop culture, which emerged as an innovative artistic form in the late 1970s in New York City. Historically, it has been a way for marginalized communities, specifically Blacks and Latinos, to express the struggles of their people and to highlight …local problems to a global scale.

Come hear Mark Gonzales perform spoken word and discuss the struggles of Latinos in America and abroad, as well as how these movements relate to contemporary parallel global struggles against occupation, apartheid, and oppression.

MARK GONZALES is a poet with a thirst for knowledge and a dream of justice. Whether on the stage of HBO’s Def Poetry and Telemun2, classrooms in Brooklyn and Watts, or the streets of Havana, Beirut, and Jerusalem, Gonzales amplified the voices of those determined to remain dignified despite a society that constantly desecrates their culture.

Take a break from finals (or work otherwise) and enjoy some great entertainment and Mexican food.

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Letter to Cordoba Center on Behalf of a Former Slave: