Statements of Support from Student Groups

-Statement of support for Columbia SJP from the Freedom School, a committee at the Intercultural Resource Center:

“As a group founded upon the ideals of radical political education we recognize that the existence of our group is predicated upon the administration allowing student groups to peer educate on various oppressions. We take this clear transgression of SJPs right to educate the campus about alternative narratives of settler colonialism as a challenge to our own right to exist. We oppose the administration’s suppression of SJP’s freedom of speech and the suppression of the narrative of Palestinian suffering. We further oppose Barnard’s implicit support of the Israeli state in silencing criticism of its policies and activities that violate the sovereignty of the Palestinian state as well as the rights and dignity of Palestinian people.”

-Statement of support for Columbia SJP’s right to express its opinions regardless of political affiliation, from Columbia Prison Reform & Education Project:

“Columbia Prison Reform & Education Project supports Columbia SJP’s right to free speech and expression on this campus. We are saddened to see the Barnard administration act in a way that silences a fellow student group’s voice and denies them a presence on this campus, particularly because we as an organization seek to challenge structures of education that police and discipline students. We believe that instead, our institutions of education ought to encourage students to express and represent themselves freely, and so we wholeheartedly condemn Barnard’s act of politically motivated censorship.”