Student Groups Stand in Solidarity with SJP

Here are student groups who have signed on to Columbia SJP’s statement regarding the removal of its banner from Barnard Hall, and have written their own statements about the issue. These groups support SJP’s right to have its voice represented on campus, some of them regardless of political affiliation:

Proud Colors
Native American Council (NAC)
Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI)
Columbia Prison Reform & Education Project (PREP)
Creating IRC Arts (CIRCA – IRC Committee)
International Socialist Organization
Original Green (IRC Committee)
Coalition Against Gentrification
Muslim Students Association 
Freedom School (IRC Committee)
Columbia Queer Alliance (CQA)
Student Worker Solidarity (SWS)
Anthropology Graduate Student Association (AGSA)
Organization for Pakistani Students (OPS)

We thank you all for supporting us at our speak out!! We are proud to stand together in the struggle against injustice.Image