CSJP Statement in Solidarity with NAHM on Indigenous People’s Day

As a student group seeking justice for Palestinians who have faced settler colonialism resulting in ethnic cleansing and displacement we, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, recognize the transnational plight of indigenous peoples. We stand in solidarity with Native American Council of Columbia University in their struggle for justice for the indigenous peoples of the Americas. We must honor the Lenni-Lenape people, whose lands we stand on, and stand with our Native American brothers, sisters, and gender-queer siblings in their continued resistance of colonization and genocide. We join NAC in its demand for a plaque commemorating the first inhabitants of this land. Though this by no means recompenses the Lenni-Lenape people for the atrocities committed against them, we strongly believe that a plaque on our Morningside Heights campus that commemorates their history is a long overdue first step.#RecognizetheLenape #IndigenousPeoplesDay